E-Sell Namibia Team




About us

We facilitate the buying and selling of, mainly, second-hand goods for/to individuals or organisations. We also market local businesses, using our online platforms such as the website: e-sellnamibia.com, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook pages to market all goods and services. We also freely advertise property rentals on the website.

Our team

Flaviano Quisseque: sales, social media marketing and advertising.

Masutu Vihanga: sales, social media marketing and advertising.

How we operate

When clients are interested in a product, they contact us directly to make arrangements for viewing. Only when the client is satisfied with the product that payment can be made through the agreed medium. Upon the request of a client, we also help with finding specific goods or services for the them. This means that we cater for clients who want to buy goods or render services, and those who would like to sell goods or services.


Terms and conditions

In light with providing services that bring convenience to our clients, we have set boundaries to protect us and clients who are involved in the buy/sell process. Please familiarize yourself with all the terms and conditions carefully.

We require proof of ownership for every item to be sold. In the case when proof of ownership is not available, clients sign an e-sell  declaration, and attach certified copy of ID to declare that the item is rightfully theirs.


Small sums should be made in cash or via e-wallet only

For Larger sums, wired transactions are preferred.

The payment method can be negotiated, depending on various factors and circumstances.

Condition of items

It is important to note that we mostly sell second-hand goods, which are sold in the state that they are received from the client (seller). It is the responsibility of the client (buyer) to ensure that they inspect items carefully before purchasing. 


If the item becomes faulty within the 3 days of purchase, it can be returned to e-sell, and the buyer is liable for a full refund.

NB: items should be returned with the proof of purchase.


Transportation of goods

We have a reliable and convenient delivery team to pick up and deliver items. We courier smaller items nationwide. As for larger items, we use multiple safe and secure medium of transportation to ensure our clients receive their items timely and intact. Transportation fees are a client's responsibility.